New music fresh from the new studio!

A sampling of songs from a few different projects

Predestined Paladin

Paragon Pursuit

Archaic Valor

Amaranthine Oracle

The Rise of Rose P.

The Adventures Of Mr. Hogele Hemmiester

Before Awakening

The Agreeable Waltz of Penny P.

Something Free

Compositions for film, theater and dance

Intro from ARCHIVES of the FANTASTIC

Failing Battle

Main Theme – From One Rose

Sax Trio – From One Rose

Piano and Strings – From One Rose


The Chase


(Light and Dark)

Compositions for ensembles

August Eve

Saidi E

The Lost Track

The Steps Of Pioneer Square

Solo Compositions


Birch BarkĀ 

Old Fashion Staple Remover

Electronic music compositions

A New Journey

Sax and Flute