And Related Work

Flim, Dance and Theatre

Fay and Lenox – short film   (composer/arranger/performer)

Transit – short film   (composer/arranger/performer)

Mothers Touch – feature length documentary   (composer/arranger/performer)


Archive of the Fantastics – comedy action film   (composer/arranger/performer)

small archives

From One Rose – feature length documentary   (composer/arranger/performer)

small from one rose

Tidal – Dance Theater Production    (composer/arranger/performer)

little Tidal


Piano Music for Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation (four 15 minute pieces)PaulAlone   (composer/arranger/performer)


Alligator Box AllegoriesPaulAlone   (composer/arranger/performer)

Alligator Box Allegories cover art flat

Live At Studio EP RMBaksana   (composer/arranger/performer)

Baksana CD RM cover

As I BreathePaulAlone   (composer/arranger/performer)


Poia’s GiftPaulAlone   (composer/arranger/performer)


Live At Studio EPBaksana   (composer/arranger/performer)


Chops One – Chops (composer/arranger/performer)

Joyous PanicWanderlust Circus Orchestra (composer/arranger/performer)

Two Phonographs and a MicrophoneAnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady (arranger/performer)

One Golden MicAnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady (arranger/performer)

Boy and BeanBoy and Bean (performer)

That Diamond LustMyshkin’s Ruby Warblers (performer)

Eating That WayAlexa Wiley (performer)

Humming BirdsSaturnalia Trio   (performer)

Of Mosaic & MusicSaturnalia Trio   (performer)

Saturnalia XX 1996-2016 – A CollectionSaturnalia Trio   (performer)

Mercury RisingSaturnalia Trio   (performer)

Songs For Kyle – Leslie Gray (performer)

Understatements – Quivah (performer)

Pachamanca – Paul and Diego (composer/arranger/performer)

Couch on Couch – Portland Swing (composer/arranger/performer)

Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon – The Phoenix City Ska Ambassadors (performer)


Staff Positions

Accompanist and composer for Arizona State University Dance Department
Accompanist and composer for Lewis and Clark Collage Dance Department


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